Dolphin Swim Adventure!

Swim with dolphins with the Dolphin Swim Adventure program, the best adventure swim in the Mexican Caribbean. The Caribbean is a beautiful place where you will find incredible white sand beaches, an impressive turquoise blue sea, adventure activities and excursions. One of the best activities you can do is swimming with dolphins. These incredible aquatic mammals are not only adorable but are also extremely intelligent and playful, with this program you will feel part of them while you play and learn about their behaviors and habits, in its natural habitat. The Dolphin swim adventure program will allow you to see behaviors such as the boogie push where the dolphins will push you at full speed through the water and the belly ride where you can take the fins of the dolphins for a water ride. The Swim Adventure program includes entry to the Isla Discovery beach club reserving the activity in Isla Mujeres, but You can book the activity in other locations such as Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Vallarta.

Rate and Schedule

  • Adult(+13 years
  • $139 USD
  • Child(6-13 years old
  • $99 USD
  • Open Daily
  • 10:30 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 01:30 PM
  • 03:30 PM


  • 15 minute orientation.
  • 50 minutes with dolphins.
  • Buffet all you can eat
  • National Open bar
  • Amenities: lockers, showers, lounge chairs, pool
  • Beach Club(Pool, Lounge Chairs,, casillero)
  • Behaviors (hug, belly ride, boogie push, hand target, hand salute)

Not Included

  • Photos of your experience with dolphins.
  • Ground transportation (prior reservation) at a cost of $13 USD per person.
  • Dockage costs $13 USD per person. Children 6 years and older must pay the cost of docking.

Important Information

  • The use of life jackets is mandatory in all aquatic programs.
  • Children taller than 1.40 m can participate alone in any program by paying the adult rate.
  • Children with a height of less than 1 m will be considered infants and will participate in Encounter program activities.
  • regardless of the program in which they participate (it is a requirement that they fit their vest).


  • Do not forget to use biodegradable sunscreen, to take care of your skin, the environment and marine species.
  • Remember to arrive 30 minutes before your program as you will receive a prior orientation.
  • For safety reasons, women with 5 months of pregnancy or less can only participate in the Dolphin Encounter program accompanied by another adult and after having signed the responsibility form. Women with more than 5 months of pregnancy cannot participate in any of the aquatic activities.
  • We recommend that you bring towels, as well as cash for taxis, shopping, meals and other expenses.